Our Services

We provide pavement repair series, slot repair series, surface sealing series, traffic safety series, maintenance material series
and other equipment maintenance materials

Bright,easy to clean

Clean up easily, effortlessly


Durable, anti-impact, Does not rust with high density

Long Lasting

Comes with Cosset’s 15 year warranty.

ECO Friendly

Standard machine, do not pollute

Easy to use

Simple operation, a school that will

Quality of service

To help customers solve product problems

Why Choose Doan?

We are convinced of the reliability of our product quality, and all road maintenance machinery products offer a 5 year limited warranty.

Customer Service

In terms of product use,we provide a comprehensive range of technical training and consulting, make the operator fully master the methods and the daily maintenance of equipment, and give full play to the equipment in the practical application of various functions, truly response the government encourages mechanization maintenance level.


The new asphalt paver is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product and is welcomed by more and more units. I have cooperated with Doan for many years, which service is very good, that's why I selected them, so therefore, I recommend you to choose them too.

-SARAH PARKER /Project Director


I use a crack seal machine to repair more than 150 km of asphalt pavement, and I am worried that there will be cracks after repair. But when the project is completed, the effect is much better than I imagined.



I am a project manager working in the road maintenance company, I am buying a variety of maintenance equipment, from the customer's perennial demand point of view, road cutting machine is the best outdoor maintenance equipment